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What should I expect at my initial session?

At your initial assessment, in addition to assessing and diagnosing your condition, we will consider your wider health, day-to-day life demands and determine your rehabilitation needs.


At The Physio Clinic we also understand a wide range of funding systems and will ensure that you are accessing the correct funding streams that you might be entitled to. All our initial appointments include advice on self management of your condition and, where appropriate and time allowing, active ‘hands on’ treatment.

What should I expect from subsequent sessions?

Irrespective of the nature of any follow up appointments, you can expect to be kept fully informed and actively participating in all your treatment options and any alterations to the plan that may be required.

Will I need routine or extended physiotherapy sessions?

It depends on the nature of your condition and what your needs and expectations are. You will make this decision alongside your physiotherapist after they assess you and determine your particular needs.

For those of you needing more regular but routine follow up this should ensure you are receiving a cost-effective service. For those of you with longer-standing and complex needs, and perhaps multiple injuries, our extended follow up appointments will allow for the more in-depth analysis and interventions required.

What should I wear for my appointment?

We recommend loose, comfortable clothing that will allow access to the injured body part. In order to do a thorough assessment ideally your physio will need to be able to clearly see the area where you are getting your pain and place their hands on it to identify any changes in the tissues around that area such as swelling, heat, stiffness and trigger points in the muscles, as well as to do some hands-on treatment

Your physiotherapist will use towels to cover you so at all times you are feel comfortable and we do have gowns and shorts availble

Can I chose my physiotherapist, or change mid-treatment?

We strongly encourage you to voice any preferences, or ask for alternative opinions at any stage. The best chance of effective input is if the physiotherapist (or other practitioner) and their style and explanations etc make sense, resonate and are right for you. At The Physio Clinic we have physiotherapists that compliment as well as contrast one another.

At The Physio Clinic we strongly believe communicating and working with the broader care team involved with the patient, whether GP, specialist or other community providers. It is one of the main reasons we have chosen to practice in a smaller town where we can get to know most health practitioners, as this genuinely improves patient care. If you chose to go elsewhere this will always be respected, and we will happily provide an onward referral or summary if you wish.

Is physiotherapy for me?

If you have an injury then physiotherapy is for you, particularly if it is the result of an accident.

Many injuries that are not accident-related can still be treated by us.

If you have a medical condition, feel free to discuss with us whether Physiotherapy may be helpful for you too.



Do I need to see a Doctor?

No. A Doctors referral is not required to see our physiotherapists. Just make an appointment and come in and see us at one of our clinics.

If your injury is caused by an accident we can supply ACC paperwork for you to complete and we will submit this to ACC on your behalf.


What if I need x-rays?

Physiotherapists have the ability to refer patients for x-rays. We can also refer patients for ultrasound scanning if needed too.

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