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Something bothering you? Affecting work, play or sleep? No doctors referral required (though we love our local doctors!), come straight in to The Physio Clinic and get it sorted. Expert diagnosis, advice and professional treatment to help you make a safe, effective and speedy return to activity.

*ACC subsidised treatment available*

Claims can be lodged at The Physio Clinic

- not just those sustained at or involving time off work.

At The Physio Clinic we assess, diagnose and explain the underlying cause of any problems, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your problem and what to do about it.


We offer you active hands-on treatment, advice and self-management strategies to help you effectively fix the source of the problem.

We can make referrals where needed for x-ray and ultrasound scans, and to GPs, medical specialists and other health professionals. If we feel you need more specific physio expertise, we also refer to our wider network of colleagues across Nelson if we think someone would better s
uit your needs.

Standard* consultation fees:

Private initial:  $100  Private follow up:  $75

ACC initial appointment: $50  Follow up appointments: $35

*  Some specifically funded services may not have a surcharge - if unsure please discuss when booking.
*  Extended consultations (>30minutes) and some equipment use may incur additional fees.

We are open Monday - Friday

(NB during school holidays we are closed Fridays)


Our Services


  • ​Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

  • Complex and persistent injury diagnosis, management & advice

  • Sports & recreation injuries

  • 'Hands-on' treatments 

  • Exercise prescription

  • Post-surgery rehab (e.g. shoulder and knee reconstruction, hip and knee replacement)

    • Including provision of ACC's fully funded ICP MSK programme through Careway​

  • Workplace health & injury prevention

  • Back and neck pain, including headaches


At The Physio Clinic we strive to provide a quality physiotherapy service that values the individual person. We endeavour to provide thorough explanations of your condition so you can understand what the problem is and what you need to do to resolve it. Working closely with specialists, GPs and other health professionals is a key element of our approach to rehabilitation.

Musculoskeletal - Sports and spinal, orthopaedics (surgery)

The Physio Clinic aims to provide quality musculoskeletal and rehabilitation service, whether spinal pain, headaches, sports injury, workplace pain or helping to keep you moving with more complex and chronic pain and stiffness. Our physiotherapists have extensive experience working with all ages of people and take a strong functional focus in helping our patients deal with and recover from issues, whether impacting sport, work, recreation or home life.


Making a clear functional diagnosis, calling on scans and specialist input and working closely with GPs and others in your health care team is key to effectively managing your complaints and achieving your outcomes. At The Physio Clinic we actively foster strong working relationships through communicating with other health professionals to ensure best management for you the patient.

At The Physio Clinic all staff strive to advise and educate you about your injury, the contributing anatomy and any biomechanical dysfunctions, and what functional and exercise-based self management regimes you will be able to undertake to achieve control over your complaint. Where appropriate and desired we can provide a range of therapist-generated or 'hands on' treatments to also aid your recovery.

Occupational Physiotherapy and Vocational Rehabilitation

The Physio Clinic is able to provide comprehensive at work and return to work rehabilitation services. Staff have particular expertise and extensive experience in the prevention and rehabilitation of occupational injuries. The Physio Clinic is the Preferred Provider for Talleys within their ACC Partnership Programme for preventing and managing work injuries. We have provided onsite weekly clinics at their Motueka Wharf site for over 10 years contributing to the marked reduction in the prevalence and and severity of strains and sprains. Through his career Glenn has worked across a wide variety of industry including with Sealords, Alliance Meatworks and within the shearing industry. We partner with the national networks of both APM Workcare and Active + in providing ACC's Vocational Rehabilitation and Pain Management Services.


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Tel. ​03 528 8636


125A High Street

Motueka 7120

New Zealand



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